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Custom-Designed and Dentist-Fitted Mouthguards
Custom-Designed and Dentist-Fitted Mouthguards

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  • (1) Boil & Bites and Stock Mouthguards: Boil & Bites are relatively inexpensive and convenient to buy at local stores, but they provide the least amount of protection of all mouthguards. It is almost impossible to achieve a good, natural fit to the athlete's mouth and they tend to wear out much quicker than custom mouthguards that are made by licensed dentists like BAMF Mouthguards.

  • (2) Vacuum Formed Mouthguards: These custom mouthguards provide increased protection compared to Boil & Bites. They allow the athlete to breath and speak easily but only offer a thin single layer of protection. BAMF Pressure Laminated Mouthguards combine multiple layers of EVA and shock absorption materials to create the thickness and protection recommended while training and competing in full-contact and combat sports.

  • (3) BAMF Pressure Laminated Mouthguards: These custom-made mouthguards are the most protective, detail-oriented and comfortable of all types of mouthguards. They fulfill all of the heightened criteria for adaptation, retention, comfort, reliability, wear & tear, and stability that is needed for a mouthguard to adequately protect the athlete from oral trauma. They offer minimal interference with speaking and drinking, which can be seen in the video "Get In My Guard" on and this site. BAMF Pressure Laminated Mouthguards combine mulitple layers of EVA and shock absorption materials to create the thickness and protection necessary while training and competing in full-contact and combat sports.


        There are two categories of custom mouthguards on the market: the Vacuum Mouthguard and the BAMF Pressure Laminated Mouthguard. Vacuum forming machines are adequate for single layer mouthguards. However, it is now being shown by dental literature and the Academy for Sports Dentistry that thicker multiple-layer mouthguards (such as BAMF Pressure Laminated Mouthguards) are superior to thinner single layer vacuum-formed mouthguards for oral protection. Pressure Lamination is defined as the layering of mouthguard materials to achieve a defined end result and appropriate thickness under a high heat and pressurized environment. BAMF Pressure Lamination Mouthguards are actually chemically fused under high heat and pressure with high-tech special dentist grade machines. Efficient and complete lamination cannot be achieved under the low heat environment created by vacuum suction machines used by "The Other Guys" since the EVA layers of the mouthguard will not properly fuse together resulting in poor protection and unsatisfactory performance.



        BAMF = Great Protection!

        *Note the space between the head of the condyle of the lower jaw to the base of the skull with a properly fitted mouthguard in place like BAMF. This separation reduces contact between the condyle and the skull.

        No BAMF = No Protection



      BAMF is the leading custom mouthguard company with an untarnished record for elite protection and performance. Unlike our competitors, we have been practicing sports dentistry as licensed dentists for over 30 years and know that a great custom mouthguard can only be made from a great dental impression. We take great pride in our products and we take our responsibility to protect an athlete's teeth very seriously. We would never want to provide you with a product that does not work the way it is advertised. We know you do not want a bad mouthguard that doesn't protect your health correctly, which is the reason you are visiting our website over our competitors. We will not sell you a worthless product simply because others will. BAMF is strictly about providing athletes with protection and we are not motivated by profit or greed.

      Our BAMF certified dentists review all of our customer dental impressions thoroughly when we receive them and immediately inform a customer if the impression provided to us is not acceptable to use for their BAMF mouthguard. Our BAMF Custom Impression Kit is able to produce a dentist-quality impression if done right. To eliminate customer error and further reduce an athlete's chance of injury, we always recommend that you have your impression taken by a licensed dentist and send us your dental mold to get the best fitting, most protective and comfortable custom mouthguard.

      ***If you choose to use our BAMF Custom Impression Kit to take your own dental impression, please carefully follow all instructions and use the following guide:


      An Acceptable/Good Impression captures all of an athlete's teeth and gum areas well enough to fabricate a quality custom mouthguard from it. These areas, especially the gums, are necessary to ensure that the custom mouthguard will fit tightly to the athlete's teeth and perform properly without experiencing any discomfort while wearing it. The impression should be deep enough on all sides to capture the walls of the teeth and go up at least a quarter inch above where the top of the teeth meet the gums.

      An Unacceptable/Bad Impression is one that is too shallow, flat or not stabilized enough during the impression process. This can result when a customer does not bite down deep enough into the putty tray while taking the impression. Do NOT wait too long to bite into the putty because it will begin to harden before the teeth are properly in place and this will result in a shallow impression capturing only part of the teeth and none of the gums. A bad impression can also result if the customer selects the wrong sized impression tray (each kit contains 3 tray sizes) or if the tray is not pressed up all of the way and held in place with thumbs for the full impression taking time.  See the pictures below for guidance on what good and bad impressions look like.

        Bad ImpressionGood Impression
        Bad Impression - No Gums Captured Above the Teeth
        Good Impression
        Bad ImpressionGood Impression
        Bad Impression - Too Shallow and Does Not Capture the Walls of the Teeth or Gums
        Good Impression
        Bad ImpressionGood Impression
        Bad Impression - Used Wrong-Sized Tray (Bigger is Better)
        Good Impression
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